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The Parliament Buildings

The Barbados Parliament was established in 1639 and is the third oldest in the commonwealth; the parliament buildings of Barbados are located in Bridgetown; this is the place where sessions are held by the...

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The Barbados Museum

The Barbados Museum displays historical and cultural artifacts. The Barbados Museum is located at the Garrison. The building which houses the Barbados Museum was built in 1817 as a British Military Prison. From 1930...


Bath Beach

Bath Beach is located in the parish of St. John and provides a scenic view of the eastern coastline. Bath Beach is a popular beach for both locals and tourist; it is the ideal...


Barclays Park

Barclays Park is located in the parish of St. Andrew along the east coast; it offers an exquisite setting with shaded areas in the hills. Barclays Park is accessible from the Ermie Bourne Highway....


Cherry Tree Hill

If you want to get an astounding view of the east coast Cherry Tree Hill is the place to visit. Cherry Tree Hill is located in the parish of St Andrew and is elevated...


Around Barbados

See around Barbados (Oistins, Miami Beach, Garrison, Bay Street, Bridgetown, River Bay, St. John and St. James). Did you like this? Share it:Tweet


River Bay

River Bay is an exotic location in the parish of St. Lucy; it provides a breathtaking view of the northern coast. River Bay’s outstanding feature is its cliffs which provide a fantastic view of...



Bathsheba is a spectacular coastal area located in the parish of St. Joseph. Bathsheba was traditionally a fishing community that has grown to one of the most exciting tourist areas in Barbados. Plenty of...


Saint Lawrence Gap

Saint Lawrence Gap is known for its fine dining, night life and entertainment; it is commonly referred to as “The Gap”. This area has a lot to offer and is teeming with shops, vendors,...

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Farley Hill National Park

Farley Hill National Park is located in St. Peter and was once the mansion of Sir Graham Briggs. The site is located on 17 acres of land, filled with trees and gardens. Farley Hill...